Nov 28, 2017

The 101st Airborne Division gets brand new M17 and M18 MHS handguns

New released video shows soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division training with brand new M17 MHS' (Modular Handgun System).  It is replacing the M9 service pistol made by Beretta.

The MHS is the US Army's version of the civilian Sig Sauer P320, which was announced as the winner of the XM17 MODULAR HANDGUN SYSTEM COMPETITION on January 19, 2017.

It is a striker fired pistol and designed as a modular system that allows for quick conversion of  different calibers, from 9mm to .357 sig and the .40 S&W.  And to accommodate the different calibers, the lower frame can be swapped easily to adapt to the magazine type, size, and also grip size of the end user.

Other differences and changes made to meet the US Army's requirement include ambidextrous manual safety, slide cut to the rear for the mounting of external sights, suppressor capable, "soldier-proofing" so that small parts cannot be lost when disassembled.
Instead of one specific model, the Army is procuring 2 distinct models, the M17 full size version with a 4.7" (120mm) barrel and the M18 compact version with 3.9" (98mm) barrel.

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