Jan 15, 2015

"The Gun that Won the West" found after 132 years

A rusted and worn out Winchester Model 1873 rifle made in 1882 was found leaning by an old juniper tree at the Great Basin National Park, Nevada. It is thought that it was left there by someone of that period as it is so worn out, weathered and found in a place where it is hard to spot. Park archaeologists removed it last November and it will be preserved as a piece of history for the park.


Winchester Model 1873
Made by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, it produced around 720,000 rifles from 1873 to 1919.  It is considered the most popular rifle by American settlers in the "Old West" and therefore known as "The Gun that Won the West". Designed around the .44-40 Winchester cartridge, it holds 10 rounds and loads using the lever-action. It has a 20" barrel, measures 39" overall, and weights 7 lbs. 4 oz.

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