Feb 20, 2012

Slide Fire Solutions adds new AK47 Slide Stock

By R. Oak - With the success of the AR15 Slide Stock, the folks at Slide Fire Solutions have been busy not just fulfilling the demand for it but also developing stocks for other types of rifles.  And for 2012 they are out with the SSAK-47 XRS.  This slide stock operate the same way as the SSAR-15, but is made for the AK47/AK74 semi-auto rifles.

The SSAK-47 XRS will fit stamped receivers only.  It will not fit any milled receivers or any variants with underfolders stocks (For additional information regarding specific models, please contact Slide Fire Solutions).  Construction of the stock is made of glass filled nylon, which is similar to the AR15A2/M16A2 rifle stock and is lightweight, durable and tough.  But if anyone has any concerns about it, Slide Fire Solutions offers a lifetime warranty.

Installation is simple: remove the pistol grip and replace it with an interface block.  Next, remove the stock and replace it with the slide stock.  And you are done!  The SSAK-47 XRS has 2 settings, semi-auto and bump fire.  In semi-auto mode the stock is locked into position by a knob underneath the stock.  When ready to bump fire, the stock is unlocked so that it can slide back and forth.

It's the sliding action that makes for effective bump fire as the trigger finger does not move, instead the supporting hand does the firing by pushing the rifle forward, then recoil and the sliding completes a cycle.  Hence, the supporting hand becomes the "trigger".  If you've never bump fire before it may sound counter-intuitive, as we're used to pulling the trigger, but this stuff definitely works!  (Click here to watch a field demonstration on the slide stock).

Shooting impressions
I was actually looking forward to shooting the slide stock on the AK47 as it is a larger caliber.  And when I did, well, I wasn't disappointed!  It's got more recoil and it's just plain fun to shoot and of course a lot more difficult to hit a target.  But with some practice one can improve on.  The only problem, I encountered were a couple of failures to feed due to a bad magazine.  My 2nd magazine fed without any issues.

The SSAK-47 XRS is definitely not a gimmick and functions as advertised.  It may take a magazine or two to get used, but most will be able to bump fire in no time.  If anybody wants to experience a safe and fun way to bump fire, the SSAK-47 XRS fits the bill.

SSAR-15 SBS Specifications:
- Available in Right and Left Hand Models
- Constructed of Premium Reinforced High Strength Polymer
- Compatible with most AK47/AK74 with stamped receiver.  Will not fit milled receivers
- Color:  Black
- Made in the U.S.A.
- MSRP $299.95

Includes: SSAK-4 XRS, Interface Block, Nut Retainer, Hex Key, Mounting Hardware, and Instructions.

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