Feb 13, 2012

Slide Fire Solutions adds 2nd model for the AR15/M4 rifle: SSAR-15 SBS

Ken with Slide Fire Solutions demonstrates the use of the AR15 fitted with the SSAR-15 SBS stock, followed by a shooter who never fired it before

(By R. Oak) - The Slide Stock that Slide Fire Solutions introduced just recently, has been such a hit, that it has become a must have item.  The stock is designed to allow for rapid fire (bump fire) without any modifications to the internal parts such as the trigger, sear, and/or bolt carrier that typically needs to be converted.  So the rifle stays a semi-automatic, which is less restrictive than NFA firearms, not to mention the costs and red tape associated with owning one.  And it's even available in California!  Slide Fire Solutions currently has 2 distributors there.

The mechanics of the stock is simple "bump fire" concept.  That is, the trigger finger does not move, instead the rifle moves around the trigger.  So, imagine the stock resting on the shoulder and the shooting finger on the trigger, then when ready to shoot the support hand pushes the rifle forward.  The pushing will cause the rifle to shoot a round.  To fire continuously, keep applying forward pressure on the forearm.  So, the pushing action along with the recoil will help keep the momentum and next thing you know you're be bump firing.  If you've never bump fired successfully it sounds awkward, but it's not.  Most shooters including those who'd never handled a firearms before will get the hang of it by the time they are on their second magazine!
For 2012, Slide Fire Solutions adds a second model for the AR15/M4 style rifles.  Designed to look more like a tactical stock, the SSAR-15 SBS (Standard Battle Stock) retains the same functionality as the original stock SSAR-15 OGR.  Both models are available for either right and left handed shooters and fits Carbine/M4 style buffer tubes only.  Tools and instructions are included and installation is as simple as changing the rifle stock and pistol grip.

Shooting impressions
Ken, a Slide Fire Solutions rep at the SHOT Show Media Day, handed me an AR15 with a funny looking stock and explained how to operate it.  After a brief class, I took it for a test drive.  The rifle did what was advertised and it burped 4-5 rounds.  The next burst came naturally and by the time I was done with the first mag, it left me with a positive impression.  Next, it was time for a second mag.  I slid the stock tighter on my shoulders, leaned forward, and got my sight picture.  Then I let go for a bit longer, perhaps with a 10 round burp.  Recoil was controllable and there was barely any muzzle rise.  To my surprise, I also got quite a bit of hits on the steel target.  Then, I went back to 5-6 round burps until it went empty.  So, what do I think?  I think ammo companies should subsidize the cost of it and hand it out for free to all law abiding Americans, they'll probably make up the cost in 1 shooting session!  But seriously, this thing works as intended and will leave you with a big smile that'll last for a long time.

SSAR-15 SBS Specifications:
- Available in Right and Left Hand Models
- Constructed of Premium Reinforced High Strength Polymer
- Compatible with Mil-Spec and Commercial Buffer Tubes
- Color:  Black
- Made in the U.S.A.
- MSRP $369

Includes: SSAR-15 SBS, Interface Block, Hex Key, Instructions and BATFE Approval Letter.

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