Jan 27, 2012

iPhone 4/4s Night Vision Adaptor by US Night Vision and new colors for their PVS-14

For 2012, US NightVision added colors to their PVS-14 line of night-vision systems.  They call it "NightCoat PVS-14".  It is the same as their standard AN/PVS-14A Auto-Gated model with Generation III image tubes (Auto-Gated refers to the auto gain control that controls the amount of light going through it, so that if there is a flashlight or any other source of light aimed at the device it will moderate it to not only protect the user but also to prevent the image tube from deteriorating).  It's offered in various color schemes and available now for $3,895.00

The iPhone 4, 4S has an amazing camera that shoots hi-res stills and HD videos, so it was a matter of time before someone would integrate a night vision device to it.  Well, US NightVision has a new adaptor that marries the PVS-14 to it.  It is designed to align the back of the camera to the PVS-14, and it is sturdy and tight enough that it can be held by one hand.  According to Steve Gibbons, US NightVision rep, it is perfect for surveillance applications where there's a need to send the footage or picture right away via the iPhone.  It's also very convenient as the whole system is small enough to operate with one hand and without the need for bulky or complex attachments on a more traditional camera set up.  Pricing on the iPhone adaptor is to be announced at a later time.

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