Jun 14, 2011

Individual Gunshot Detector (IGD)

Individual Gunshot Detector (IGD) technologies are self-contained passive acoustic systems with the capability to detect and localize the source of small arms fire. The system is tuned to detect shockwave and muzzle blast signatures while screening out other acoustic events. IGD technologies use information from both the shockwave of a bullet and the muzzle blast from the corresponding rifle fire as a single sensor to alert the user of the threat. These technologies provide range and alert data out to 400 meters within 10 percent range error and with a bearing error less than 7.5 degrees.

The single sensor system reports this solution directly to the individual Soldier on a visual display and audio alert within a second of a muzzle blast. The technology is able to detect and provide alert data for 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammunition. The system is powered by two DL 123 batteries.


  1. The tool has just the right functions. It's about configuring it depending on your preference.

  2. i think this tool is very useful for Security Systemand i think must for use in Gunshot detector

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