Mar 4, 2011

Drawing a Bead – Aimpoint MPS3 Heavy Weapons Sight

The Aimpoint MPS3 Heavy Weapons Sight takes the principles used by smaller optics favored by dismounted forces and applies it to larger caliber, crew-served weapons, such as the M2 heavy machine gun and Mk. 19 automatic grenade launcher.

 Aimpoint is one of the biggest suppliers of small arms optics to the U.S. military and has made a great reputation from their products. The MPS3 is no exception, with its durable construction, compatibility with every generation of night vision device as well as consistent performance in extreme weather conditions.
“This sight gives Marines on medium and heavy support weapons an element of speed that with no doubt gives them a great advantage,” said Freddie Blish, director, military business development for Aimpoint. “Marines in vehicles and defensive positions can get a bead on the enemy in a split second, giving them the ability to identify and eliminate threats quickly, as well as giving them the flexibility, modularity and reliability of any Aimpoint system.”

*Photo and story by marine magazine

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