Feb 23, 2011

Beretta GLX160 Grenade Launcher

The Beretta GLX160 Grenade Launcher was developed in conjunction with the ARX160 automatic rifle for the Italian military for the Soldato Futuro (Future Soldier) program.  It's a single shot, breech loaded, shoulder-fired and chambered for the 40mm low velocity grenade (40x46 LV).

The GLX 160 was designed either to be mounted under the ARX160 or used as a stand-alone platform with an optional 5-position stock and pistol grip.  It's made of polymer and a steel alloy barrel to reduce weight.  It also has a double-action-only trigger which makes it safer to operate in case of a misfire.  It comes standard with iron sights and has provision for mounting additional sights.

Technical Specifications

Caliber:   40x46mm LV
Barrel length:   280mm  (11 inches)
Overall length:  364mm (580/700mm stand alone version)
                          14.33 inches (23.83 - 27.56 inches stand alone version)
Weight:   <1 Kg (2.2 Kg stand-alone version)
                  2.2 lbs (4.85 lbs stand alone version)
Stock:   5-position telescopic
Trigger system:   Double-action-only
Locking system:   Rotating bolt
Safety:  Ambidextrous button manual safety
             It does not fire before the breech is locked
             It does not fire if not properly locked in place
             It has a loaded chamber indicator
Iron sights:   Front sight adjustable in elevation and windage
                     Multi-position rear sight from 50 to 400 meters in 50 meters increment
Optoelectronic FCS:  On request

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