Jan 24, 2011

ATI's AK-47 and Delton Sport

ATI added more rifles to their lineup this year.  First is the SAT-47, an AK-47 style semi-auto rifle with stamped receiver, debuting before their upcoming milled receiver AT-47.   It comes in 7.62x39mm and built with Bulgarian parts.   It's a nice looking rifle and I especially like the wood stock.

Second is the Delton Sport, a lightweight profile M4 style rifle.  It's a base model and comes with basic furniture, that includes a mil-spec buffer tube.  Mil-spec seems to be the theme at this year's SHOT Show, I think manufacturers realize that consumers are more informed than ever.  Another note:  It looks like Delton is moving up and grabbing up more real estate in the AR world, I'm seeing them everywhere, talk about getting crowded, but then again, popularity of AR's is not going down any time soon.

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