Jan 23, 2011

GSG unveils what's up for 2012

GSG is working on several prototypes this year and I was able to interview Brandon Williams of American Tactical Imports (ATI) for some fantastic .22LR WWII replicas in the pipeline.  Drum roll please...the Sturmgewehr StG44 and the MP40 notoriously called the "Schmeisser" (no relation, as it was named by the Allies).  All I can say is AWESOME! AWESOME! and AWESOME!  I stumbled on it as I was walking around at the SHOT Show.  At first, I thought they were airsoft models, but when I read the caption it said .22LR.  Although in prototype form, they were really nice, and the Schmeisser felt pretty hefty.  As of this writing they are non-working replicas, but the folks at ATI decided to show it to the world, how brilliant is that!  Let's hope they have smooth sailing bringing them to us.  Keep them in your prayers!

Also, for 2012 or sooner, is the .22LR conversion kit for the Glock.  It is still a work in progress so not much is known on when and at what price.  However, they are doing their best to bring it to us.  again stay tuned for more info.   Enjoy the teaser!

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